• Full House Construction - talk to us about using our bricks to construct your home - our consultants are here to help.
  • Feature Walls - our blocks can be used to create a unique feature wall rendered / un-rendered and look great in conjunction with timber, metal, other natural materials or even plants.
  • Load Bearing Walls - our bricks are very strong, great for creating load bearing walls in any building structure our team can work with you and your engineer to achieve the required outcomes.
  • Retaining Walls - great for retaining walls - approved by engineers.
  • Landscaping - as well as retaining our bricks are great for garden walls and edging.


  • Comfort, thermal mass and health - Our blocks have a high thermal mass that can help to maintain a constant comfortable temperature free of excessive humidity which ensures a healthy natural home without toxic VOCs.
  • Beautiful earthen finish - our blocks can be rendered or left raw taking on the natural colours and textures of the soil used.
  • Low embodied energy - produced through the compaction of local soils our blocks are not kiln fired and due to the bonding characteristics of clay require little to no cement.
  • Fire Resistant - totally fire proof for building in bushland and fire prone areas.
  • Customised to order - size, shape, colour, rough or smooth finish, and material can be customised to specification

Block types:

In General Mudtec produce 2 types of blocks with holes and blocks without holes, each of which can be stabilized or un-stabilized depending on their use and requirements.

  • Blocks with holes: The holes are great for linking the slab to the walls using rio or likewise for linking the roof to the wall or slab. Through careful planning services can run through these holes also such as electrical conduit. The holes also provide a block that is easier to handle and install as you can use the holes to grip the block and it is slightly lighter than our solid block.
  • Solid blocks: The solid blocks have the advantage that they can be installed on their side to create a thinner faster to install wall, such as an internal wall. They also have a slightly greater thermal mass than our blocks with holes.

Bespoke orders for colours finishes and sizes our speciality talk to one of our natural building consultants about your project and individual requirements today.

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